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We, SnapSights, are the world’s first and only provider of remote baby and child monitoring services. We now support businesses with a broad range of surveillance system integration services. Fully certified by the Dubai Police, Department of Protective Systems, we offer comprehensive services from camera installation to remote monitoring through our highly qualified and trustworthy monitoring team. Providing real-time alerts through SMS, email and telephone, we help businesses keep an eye on footfall, KPIs, operational efficiency and overall security. Innovative and professional, our services enable users to reconnect with their home or office anytime they require while they are away.

In understanding the challenges that today’s parents and employers face, we are able to provide them with the solutions they seek. From offering an extra layer of protection within the home to assisting corporates in their decision making process, our live and recorded footages help instill peace of mind. Moreover, our home service allows parents and extended family members to stay involved in the child’s life through live and recorded feeds that are easily accessible on a smart phone, tablet or computer.

We offer free consultation visits and free cameras upon signing and for the duration of the monitoring service contract as well as instant alerts, and compilations in the form of photos and videos.

  • Our Story
    Our Story

    Our Team

    You can trust us with what’s most precious to you

    We understand perfectly how difficult it is for you, the parents, to place your children’s safety in somebody else’s hands. That’s why we want to put your mind at ease: you can trust us with your children’s safety.

    We take hiring very seriously and complete diligent background and personal reference checks for every single member of our staff.

    We are fully certified, and all members of our team have been thoroughly trained by the Dubai Police, Department of Protective Systems, in all aspects of childcare monitoring.

    We have firm policies and procedures set forth by our company that our staff abide by, and, most importantly, we accommodate, respect and follow all the instructions set by parents and home owners. Moreover, when dealing with personal matters, we treat the privacy of each client as a main priority.

    We are thrilled that you are considering SnapSights for your childcare and home monitoring. We hope you’ll soon find out for yourself just how committed, thoughtful and trustworthy we are!

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  • Our Values
    Our Values

    Our Values

    Trustworthy. Tenacious. Human.

    At SnapSights we believe in the value of accountability, hard work and passion. We earn the trust of our customers by achieving what we promise. Our commitment to making an impact and adding value fuels our innovations. And above all, we know that it’s our people’s passion that makes all the difference.

    This isn’t the typical way to think about a surveillance and monitoring service company, but then again, SnapSights isn’t typical.


    We do what we say we’ll do

    At SnapSights, we have a sole purpose: to give you peace of mind. That’s why we customise our solutions to your specific needs to ensure maximum impact and added value. And we guarantee the security of your personal data. We commit to this purpose 100% and hold ourselves accountable, because we want to earn your trust.


    We’re up to big things

    We believe that a safe, functional and connected environment is an essential catalyst for the welfare of our community. We live in a society with changing needs and carry our business in a competitive and fast-paced industry. That’s why we improve and innovate relentlessly, to meet these needs in new and surprising ways.


    Connect. Collaborate. Delight. We let the human shine through.

    Far from replacing the involvement of people from our solutions, SnapSights puts the human relationships at the centre of our entire business. We believe that cutting-edge technology facilitates and enhances what we do as people: connecting our customers to what’s most precious to them; collaborating with business leaders to provide high-quality, results-driven solutions, and harnessing the power of technology in new services that simply delight.

  • Our Story
    Our Story

    Our Vision

    Not the biggest, but the most trusted

    Our range and depth of experience with varied businesses has provided us with the insights to look beyond everyday needs and to develop solutions based on a changing environment and high performance expectations.

    From design and planning, to procurement and implementation, and ongoing support, we work with various corporate clients – retail, commercial, SMEs, subsidiaries and conglomerates to supply smarter, value driven, innovative surveillance and monitoring solutions, on time and on budget, and a broad range of system integration services, customised efficiently to increasing needs and KPIs, and delivered with unrivalled personal care and consideration.

    Our vision is to be recognised as a trustworthy partner and an industry leader.