Access Control System Installation

Everything is under your control

With so much invested in your business, it’s important to keep a close eye and be aware of what’s happening inside your company.

SnapSights can provide customised business surveillance solutions devised specifically with access control systems to provide you data and insights on varied operational aspects, from monitoring employee time and attendance, to setting biometric access control to certain secured areas within your facility and certain operations within your business, or simply generating an electronic report of access and failed attempts.

SnapSights can devise and integrate your preferred access control systems into a complete authorised access control solution, using IP Cameras, CCTV and remote monitoring from our operations centre.

Now, your entire business is always within your reach and under your control.

Key feature: Scope of operational aspects that can be monitored, ensuring every concern can be dealt with
Key benefit: Peace of mind for safety and behaviour
Click here to tell us more about your requirements and we will make sure to tailor a package based on your request.
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