IP Camera Installation

A worthwhile investment in your company’s current and future safety

Some of the largest operational costs that companies face are due to loss, damage, and liability that are brought about by preventable incidents in the workplace. An IP camera installation that enables 24/7 real time surveillance and monitoring, is the first step towards increasing workplace safety, reinforcing compliance and preventing any illegal activity.

At SnapSights, our team of surveillance professionals boasts the know-how to lead you in the right direction: our services span site evaluation and assessment, configuration, installation, integration, demo camera testing, and more.

We start with an in-depth assessment of your facilities to ensure your surveillance and safety needs are met, and propose the most suited solutions that fit your budget. Given the fast pace of technology advancements, we would recommend an advanced IP camera with variable high-speed electronic shutter, day-night mode, motion detector, real-time speaker and microphone. Some models can be even remote-controlled to pan, tilt, and zoom in at your command.

Once installed, the IP cameras will help reduce theft and discourage trespassing, protect employees and assets, and, also allow you to watch remotely, the live camera feeds on a smartphone, tablet or laptop, via the internet.

Think of it as the most important investment you’ll ever make in securing the safety of your company.

Key feature: 24/7 real time surveillance installed by a team of surveillance professional
Key benefit: The freedom to run your enterprise or business remotely through your smartphone
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