Remote Instant Monitoring Services

Safety and assurance delivered, plus plenty of benefits

The safety of employees and the protection of buildings, facilities, offices, equipment and assets are vital concerns, but, sometimes, they may compete with the core functions of your business, taking away too much of your focus. That’s why investing in remote video surveillance and monitoring is one of the most important business decisions you can make.

SnapSights uses world-class digital surveillance equipment, remote monitoring software analytics, and perimeter intrusion technology to offer businesses across all industries custom-made solutions. These are delivered by a team of surveillance professionals, highly-trained by the Dubai Police Academy, who remotely monitor and assess all data in real-time, from our operations centre, and provide regular updates according to the protocols agreed with each client.

Knowing that your business is safeguarded by an advanced video monitoring system and a skilled team can inspire confidence and also make employees feel safer and more accountable for their actions. It can also save your business money by monitoring cash handling.

Key feature: a customised and secure active remote monitoring solution thanks to cutting-edge technology with real time alerts
Key benefit: the peace of mind that your business is running with the utmost efficiency and intelligence
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