Video Intelligence Analytics

A powerful tool to drive quality and increase efficiency
across all your company’s operations

Video analytics is fast becoming a powerful tool to drive quality and increase efficiency across all business processes.

Gone are the days of bulky systems and crammed control rooms. Today, there’s a plethora of ways to access the IP security camera system feed, control it remotely and use it intelligently.

From motion detection real time alerts, footfall in and out or occupancy statistics, to facial recognition and car plate recognition, all this data and much more can be reported and gathered in real-time via an IP camera surveillance system.

When examined more closely this pool of stats can provide insights and the base for informed customer service, workforce management and operational decisions in your company.

SnapSights can help companies take advantage of video analytics to keep an eye on key operational efficiencies generated, such as customer traffic patterns and volume. Our experts can design and implement complex, scalable video management software solutions to meet safety and operational needs, as well as generate relevant camera-based analytics and operational reports.

This can lead to higher revenues, lower costs, and increased efficiency all around.

Key feature: Collection of intelligence data and statistics, enabling optimum decision-making
Key benefit: Your security needs reliably automated
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Currently, there’s only an xbmc remote app for google’s platform, but xbmc for android will offer local network video and audio streaming in the same manner as its desktop counterpart