At Last, The Secret to Child Safety Revealed

You love your children. But are you doing everything you can to protect them? It’s a dangerous world out there. Think you’re safe at home? Think twice! Studies show that in the United Arab Emirates, injury is the main cause of death among children aged 0 – 14 years.
But here’s the good news: Now you can keep your little ones under constant, careful watch. Yes, you probably spent days, weeks, even months searching for the most trustworthy babysitter. SnapSights, however, adds an extra layer of safety so you don’t have to worry anymore. SnapSights is a remote childcare monitoring solution, tried and tested by parents just like you. It’s just what you’ve been looking for. Don’t believe us yet? Here are five reasons why SnapSights is right for you:

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1. SnapSights delivers the peace of mind that comes from knowing your child is safe and watched over. “I have eyes on the back of my head!”: Every parent’s mantra. SnapSights makes that a reality. Busy at work but wondering how your child is doing? Did they eat their lunch on time, are they watching too much TV? Now you can see the little one in action on your laptop, tablet or mobile. Breathe deep – the kids are alright.
2. Our monitoring is excellent. We are the world’s first service provider of childcare active monitoring and reporting services, and are fully certified by the Dubai Police, Department of Protective Systems. We have an all-female monitoring team – mothers themselves, trustworthy, caring and trained by the Dubai Police Academy – who follows all the house rules you set. Under your control and guidance, along with the help of your well-chosen caregivers, and the watchful and experienced eyes of SnapSights, your child will grow up just the way you always wanted.
3. You don’t have to fret over the installation. We set up the entire monitoring system – cameras, user account and all – in no time. The installation is neat (if not completely wireless), so you don’t need to worry about any wires hanging or tripping over. The best part is, once installed, you can gain remote access straightaway, from anywhere in the world, to live feeds via a secure website, so that you know at any given point what your child is up to.
4. Our personalized packages make it easy to find the right fit for your family. We have a wide range of quality cameras to choose from, with features such as night vision, wireless, two-way audio, digital pan-tilt zoom (PTZ), and longer life span, and our technicians are on hand to help you pick the ones most suitable to your needs and space.
5. And finally, SnapSights lets you cherish memories forever. Our team ensures you don’t miss a single moment in your child’s life: we capture and save it all for you, in the weekly ‘happy moments’ compilation video we send you. Watch, share, and never miss a special moment again!
It’s simple: Your child’s safety is your top priority. Luckily, we at SnapSights have all the information you need. Join our mailing list or call now and set an appointment to get the peace of mind you crave.

Keep an eye on your child at home even when you can’t be there.


We know you love and worry about your children. Thanks to SnapSights, you don’t have to worry anymore! SnapSights is a remote childcare monitoring solution, tried and tested by parents just like you.
You focus on enjoying your family, SnapSights takes care of the rest.


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