We have received hundreds of questions and feedback so far from many parents like yourself. Below you can find our most ‘Frequently Asked Questions‘ and their answers. We’ll attend quickly and efficiently to all your questions and requirements, because your peace of mind is, quite simply, our job.
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Do you monitor 24 hours 7 days like big brother? How will I know that you are not monitoring outside our agreed hours?
SnapSights’ answer: We only monitor based on our agreement and currently, our offer is from Sunday to Thursday anytime in between 8:30am till 6:30pm, excluding the weekends and public holidays. Our monitoring operators’ screens are mirror imaged to your smart phone. You can certainly check on their access at any time of your choice. During ‘outside monitoring hours’ you will see a big padlock, automatically placed by the system. To take it a level further, if you would like to have complete peace of mind, you always have the right to plug-out the cables or turn off the cameras.
  1. Can we have hidden cameras for our nanny? Do you provide hidden cameras?
SnapSights’ answer: First of all, it is illegal to use hidden cameras in the UAE. You may get into trouble when caught with hidden cameras and no, we do not provide nor support this approach. Please keep in mind, the evidence you collect from a hidden camera is invading the human rights of the third party, in our case nannies, you were filming. Fully certified by Dubai Police, Department of Protective Systems, we encourage you to have an open communication with your nannies. If you cannot trust her for an open communication, we certainly advise you to hire someone you can trust to start with. You are leaving your most precious asset to their hands at the end of the day.
  1. How many houses/screens a monitoring person can watch at the same time?
SnapSights’ answer: A person can monitor up to 16 screens as per the surveillance industry average. SnapSights promises peace of mind, complete trust, and transparency, therefore, we limited our operators’ screens to only 3 at a time.
  1. Can other people access my surveillance videos?
SnapSights’ answer: No, they cannot. We ensure maximum privacy for all our customers. Our connections are highly secure and encrypted therefore none of our monitoring team members can see the name or contact information within any of the videos they watch. Customers can reach their account via a secure, password-protected link/app wherein all videos are locked and require a password for viewing.
  1. Can you suspend the monitoring service when I am home earlier than usual?
SnapSights’ answer: Yes. We provide you with the option of suspending the monitoring service anytime you want. Simply call or email us and we will stop all monitoring activity immediately.
  1. How can I verify that you are not monitoring outside of the agreed hours?
SnapSights’ answer: Our monitoring team’s screen is mirrored on to yours so whatever you see they see too. Once you log into your account outside of the monitoring hours, a big padlock will be displayed on the live view screen.
  1. What else can I do to make sure my house is not monitored outside the agreed hours?
SnapSights’ answer: You can shut down the cameras by pulling out the internet or power cable. Don’t forget to plug the cables back in when you want us to resume monitoring. Alternatively, some of our cameras come with on/off switch based on your preference. Nonetheless, our team will send you a notification message saying that the camera connection is lost when the monitoring starts.
  1. What do you monitor?
SnapSights’ answer: Our team works with you together to understand your house rules to monitor your children effectively. You will receive alerts based on your preferred method (SMS, email, phone call) and based on your selected ‘notify me when …. happens’ events. To give an example most of our parents would like to be notified when the balcony door is left open in the form of an SMS.
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