Accidents happen, but they don’t have to. We’ve spent countless hours compiling the best ways to CHILDPROOF your home and keep your little ones safe from life’s little…and sometimes big “UH-OH’s”. Download our free ULTIMATE BABY PROTECTION GUIDE BOOK to learn these tips and tricks to keep your baby safe, happy and healthy.

You love your children. But are you doing everything you can to protect them?

• You’ve Found the Perfect Nanny; That’s Great! Now you can keep your little ones under constant, careful watch. But is that enough?

Maybe not! A study on ‘Abuse against children in UAE’ conducted by Dubai Foundation for Women and Children has found that 7.2% of male participants were exposed to abuse at home, compared to 5.7% of females

There is great news! “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah”. SnapSights the world’s first remote childcare monitoring solution, adds an extra layer of safety so you don’t have to worry anymore

• SnapSights is tried and tested by many parents just like you

Then accidents happen and most can be avoided HOW? just download our free ULTIMATE BABY PROTECTION GUIDE BOOK

SnapSights have all the information you need. Join our mailing list or call now and set an appointment for a free consultation.

We offer the following surveillance and monitoring services:

  • Childcare Monitoring

  • The White Stork

  • Pet Surveillance

  • Elderly Care Monitoring

  • Home Surveillance

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