Pet Surveillance

The pets are alright

Whether it’s a fish, a cat, a dog, a bird or even a hamster, today most households own a pet. It’s easy to see why: animals make great companions, give you the most heartfelt welcome, and are best play dates for children. Like most people, you would consider them part of your family and would like to make sure that they are safe and well.

Video surveillance is a great solution for a concerned pet owner like you, and there are plenty of solutions available: from a network-enabled digital camera that allows you to check in on your beloved and well-behaved pet from any laptop, tablet or smartphone anywhere in the world, to a smart technology HD surveillance system with tracking movement and push notifications to keep an eye on the more curious, active and rowdy pets.

Key feature: an easy to install video surveillance that allows you to check in on your pets whilst you’re away from home
Key benefit: the peace of mind that comes from knowing your pets are well and well-behaving too
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