How Video Monitoring Helped Sales Go Up For Popular Restaurant Chain

Things hadn’t been going well for one of the UAE’s most popular restaurant chains. The restaurant business is risky – they had been facing a myriad of issues, and sales were down. Months of uncertainty went by, and the owners of the chain faced huge debt.
It was then that they made the decision that saved their business: The chain chose to invest in the SnapSights remote monitoring system. The turnaround was lightning-quick! The chain increased its sales by 16% in only 6 months and the business was saved. How did they do it? By keeping a close eye on their company.
SnapSights installed world-class digital surveillance and monitoring equipment at every location. A team of highly trained surveillance professionals traveled to each store individually, delivering our world-class equipment and know-how. After delivery, the SnapSights analysts returned to the Operations Centre, where they could monitor the productivity and safety of the work environment in real-time.
In a matter of weeks, SnapSights had already provided feedback to the restaurant chain about employee behavior, improper cash handling, and inventory management. All of this was based on inscrutable video evidence. The best part is that while SnapSights worked behind the scenes to improve functionality and save money, the restaurant management had free time to focus on new strategies to make money!

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What do workplace injuries, employee interpersonal issues, inventory loss, and improper cash handling have in common? All of these problems can be financially draining, demanding of your time and energy, and could potentially kill your business. Why don’t you let SnapSights ensure productivity and safety in your business? Our representatives have been thoroughly trained by the Dubai Police Academy in the art of remote monitoring and analysis. They provide consistent reports, according to the metrics and details that you prefer.
Don’t wait for the health inspector to come before hearing about hygiene issues that could potentially ruin your company’s reputation. Address harassment issues and any other Human Resource nightmares before they happen. Our high-end technology equipment, like our POE cameras, let businesses save at least 32% on their monthly operational expenses! Trust SnapSights and know for certain that your product is consistent in quality. Our services have proven to lead to higher sales, lower costs, and unparalleled productivity.

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