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You can now share in your child's precious moments
while you are away.


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I was expecting to like this system purely because I think that it's a great idea. The ability to check in to see what is going on in your own home is fantastic, and to know that someone is watching even when you can't is even better. 

21st Century Mama, blogger

Are you finding it difficult to cope with going back to work and not being with your new-born baby? Do you feel like you are missing out?

We understand that in today's society you are required to go back to work in order to provide a better future for your children.

With SnapSights, you can now be more involved in your child's life. More than just a nanny cam, SnapSights enables you to share in your child’s special moments.


We compile key milestones in your child’s life - You can experience the joy of seeing your baby’s first smile, laugh, crawl and step through our real time remote supervision and monitoring service.


We enable you to stay connected to your child - You can watch your child's happy moments and even share them with grandparents living abroad.


We keep you up to date on your child's wellbeing - You will be given access to live and recorded feeds via our easy to use and secure portal. We also send you alerts depending on your home schedule and their importance.

The moment I love most is when I check the happy moments at the end of every day and the video at the end of the week. I always end up with a smile on my face when the edit is finished. 

J. Tannous, working mother of two

SnapSights offers:

  • Free consultation visits on the number, placement and compatibility of cameras
  • Free cameras upon signing and for the duration of the service contract
  • Instant alerts via SMS, email and phone
  • Happy moment compilations in the form of photos and videos

If SnapSights does not live up to your expectations

we have implemented a 15-day money back guarantee policy for all first-time users.

Think of how many precious moments you would be missing out on.


Receive 50% off on your first month* Offer valid till , 2015

PS: Do not delay reaching out to us as we only perform 10 free consultation visits a week. Remember there is no risk with our 15-day money back guarantee.

*SnapSights is fully certified by the Dubai Police’s Department of Protective Systems