“I am delighted with the high level of service I have received. The team have been amazing in every possible way. This high level of service is very rare in Dubai and I would like to thank you for not only fulfilling all promises made but also exceeding all my expectations. I have and will continue recommending SnapSights to friends and associates. All credit to the team!”

Angela Soudi Working Mum

“We want you to know that we appreciated so much the quality of service your company provides. We sincerely grateful for your responsiveness and the way you conduct business. We look forward to doing another business with you again in the near future. Thank you for your excellent service”.

Ines Macaron Sweet

“After our baby boy Laith was born, we started thinking about using cameras to monitor our apartment when my wife, Panita, returned to work. Panita came across the SnapSights service as we were researching cameras. After our initial visit to the facility and speaking to the founder of the company, we decided to give it a try. We really started seeing the value when my wife returned to work. The peace of mind that comes with knowing that someone is monitoring the cameras when we are unable to do so and who can report an emergency if, god forbid, one should occur is invaluable for any new parent. We have had a great experience with SnapSights so far. We have even recommended the service to our friends who are now signed up. One aspect of the service we really appreciate is the ability to modify the surveillance periods. We started off with the most basic package and upgraded when my wife went back to work”.

Ronnie Rifai
Father of One

“Good morning, I would like to recommend SnapSights. As a mother of three I find that it is an amazing service that would help a lot with working mothers and ensure you go back to work in a safe environment”.

Julie Leblan Founder & General Manager, Mylist.ae

“The set-up process with SnapSights was very easy; after a quick consultation & home visit, the cameras were installed the same week and started working in a few hours. Our dedicated account handler is very warm, friendly and attentive. During monitoring hours, I am reassured with SMS updates and can access the cameras myself at any time. The best part of the service is the daily bookmark and weekly compilation clips I receive of my children, helping me feel like I am not missing out on any magic moments when I can’t be there in person”.

Sally Floyd, UK Working Mother of Three

“I wanted additional measures at my house after my maternity leave, for “peace of mind”, which was why I installed cameras. Nothing could be as reassuring as watching my son myself but I cannot be there all the time. This is definitely the next best thing. It’s an extra pair of eyes watching him”.

Panita Rifai Working Mother of One

“I definitely feel more at ease since the cameras have been installed. I have a wonderful nanny who has been with us for three years now, and we trust her with our kids and our home. However, I am a very hands-on mum and like to keep an eye on matters in the house and be able to see my kids when I am away. Although things had been as fine as they were without cameras, I still feel more relaxed. I am able to monitor my children’s activities whenever I am out of the house. I basically use SnapSights’ service to monitor my children’s activities – how much television they are watching, how are they spending the time while I’m away – and ensure that my nanny is following the schedule I set for her to complete with my kids. The app offered me audio that allowed me to hear what was going on at home”

Hind El Hage Mother Of Two

“My absolute favourite perk of the Snapsights service were the Happy Moments that were emailed to us at the end of every day (the team clock-off at 6:30 pm which is perfect and means that you don’t feel like you’re being watched while eating your dinner or enjoying some time with the hubby – and there are options for switch off the cameras whenever you like) and the end of week compilation of all the moments stitched together and edited to a cute little song – that we sent to grandparents and friends abroad so that they got a little taster of what the minis are doing”

Kaya Scott Founder Of Sassy Mama Dubai

“Hi I’m Emily from HSS, Health & Safety Solutions and we endorse SnapSights to protect the safety of your children when you can’t be there”.

Emily Keating Operations Manager, HSS Health & Safety Solutions

“Hi I am Aida Mokadem, the founder of Katkoot and I am very happy and thrilled to partner with SnapSights. Why SnapSights, for one main reason – because peace of mind has no price”.

Aida Mokadem Founder & Managing Director, Katkoot

“Hi I’m Cecile from BabySenses and we endorse SnapSights because we believe your child needs to be protected and you deserve to see their memories”.

Cecile De Scally Educator & Midwife, Baby Senses

“All in all I was really impressed with the system. I felt like it worked well in our house, and if I was going back to work full time and leaving the kids at home with someone, I would definitely have SnapSights on board. Mainly for peace of mind, and so that I can see exactly what happens when things go wrong. The monthly fee is pretty much where I expected it to be, given the level of monitoring and the level of service I received. It’s not a cheap system, but then it is an investment in your children’s safety and to bring you peace of mind. It’s also significantly cheaper than putting your children into nursery full time, especially if you have two or more children”.

The 21st Century Mama Blogger

“They sent an SMS as soon as they saw Nate and Ruby fighting. Nate fell off a chair and they were on the phone immediately asking if he was okay. Just amazing. Truly amazing. Imagine if I were not there and someone else was with my children? I would want to know what was happening every second of their day-both good and bad. This is what SnapSights is for. The most wonderful thing was at the end of each week we received a “Happy Moments Video”. My kids would ask me to replay them over, and over, and over, and over again…the music and moments was so touching I actually teared up! How beautiful that someone was there watching us and capturing these heartfelt moments which would otherwise go unnoticed. It was equally nice to share them with my husband who was busy at work”.

Mommy in Dubai Blogger

“Being a working mother is definitely one of the biggest challenges I have personally faced especially with when you hire a new caregiver for your new born. Therefore when I heard of SnapSights services I was very excited. It is great to know that there is a dedicated warm team checking on your children’s wellbeing while you are busy at work. Half of my guilt feeling disappeared especially when I get updated information on what is happening in my house. The moment I love most is when I check the happy moments at the end of every day and the video at the end of the week. I always end up with a smile on my face when the edit is finished. Thank you SnapSights”.

J. Tannous Working Mother of Two